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Mrs. Mandy Bezeredi, Guest Speaker From Faulkner State Community College

Mrs. Mandy Bezeredi, the Workforce Developement and Career Coach from Faulkner State Community College came to Mrs. Major’s Leadership classes on Feb. 6th.


Mrs. Bezeredi brought the RU4Real?! program for students to complete to see how people manage their money in the real world. Students were randomly assigned “a person”, given that person’s career, their family, and their income, and students had to calculate their budget for a month.

Students determined budgets using the following real life expenses;

  • insurance
  • food
  • savings
  • donations
  • auto and gas payments
  • food
  • entertainment
  • daycare
  • utilities
  • house payments
  • clothing

Most students agreed that if they received a “person” with a low high paying  job and had money left over at the end of the month, they felt relieved and happy. Students that received “people” with low paying  jobs felt, and I quote

  • broke
  • mad
  • frustrated
  • sad
  • inadequate
  • stressed out

And these aren’t even real jobs. That’s why the program is called RU4Real?!


Mrs. Bezeredi also talked about the benefits of going to a community college. Half of the students that attend Faulkner go on to attend a four-year college. Classes for Faulkner run about $400 per class, and class sizes are about the equivalent to a high school classroom. Faulkner offers classes can earn you an Associate Degrees in Applied Sciences. These certificates prepare you to enter into the workforce without spending four years in a college classroom.

Mrs. Bezeredi talked about how Faulkner has an open door policy, so anyone can be accepted regardless of their ACT score. She suggested students take their ACT in their sophomore year of high school. Mrs. Bezeredi said Faulkner offers scholarships in academics, choral programs, and art. She recommended students get involved with clubs and organizations in high school, because this looks great on a college scholarship application.

We appreciate Mrs. Bezeredi taking the time to come to our classroom!


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