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Austin Taylor: “Life in Foley is So Different From Chicago.”

My name is Austin Taylor.

I came to Foley High School from Chicago, Il. Life here and there are pretty much total opposites. School work was so hard there. You had 9 blocks, 8 classes, 1 lunch, and no break or PAWS. It was a system made to fail; the homework was as high as a mountain and put fear into your body endlessly.

There were gang-related shootings. People got shot if you looked at them the wrong way. Just last year, there were shots fired in a bathroom.  The school was in bad shape too; broken doors, cracked walls, blood stains. There were a lot of fights.

In Foley, life seems much easier. This actually seems more like a vacation than my other school. I like my classes. Everyone is nice and southern hospitality is great. Like everybody else, I thought “7 Habits” was going to be a stupid class. But besides math, it’s actually one of my favorite classes.

All my teachers are nice, helpful, respectful, smart, and they never look down on students. It’s just an awesome place to live and go to school.

Austin Taylor


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