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Leadership Alumni: Becca DeCrecenzio, Freshman R.O.T.C. member

My name is Becca DeCrescenzio. I’m a freshman at Foley. I was nervous about going to high school, because I made bad grades in middle school. My guidance counselor told me about R.O.T.C. I joined because I was interested in the military, and I knew I needed discipline. R.O.T.C can help me get scholarships to college, and it teaches me how to be a better citizen.

I am on the drill team for R.O.T.C. I’ve had to learn to keep my grades up and perform well for drill.

I can’t let my work get behind, so I try to finish my work before practice. Sometimes it’s hard, balancing my classes and R.O.T.C., but all the hard work is worth it to me when we win a trophy in competitions.

Our next competition is March 10th, and I can’t wait!

Thanks, Becca, for continuing to practice the 7 Habits we studied in Leadership class. We wish you the best and know you will go far.

Make us proud, and continue making those good choices!  A. Major


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