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Think of Max: Spread the Word to End the Word Day

Today in Leadership class, we watched a short video about a mom who wants people to stop using the word “retard.”

Mrs. Major found that video when she found this article. It touched her heart, because it focused on a word she refuses to permit in her classroom, because it’s a hurtful word. It’s a word that smacks of sadness.

Mom’s Twitter plea: Stop using the R-word!

By Kristin Kalning

“Retard.” Maybe you started using that word on the playground, to describe someone who still believed in Santa Claus, or who always got nailed in dodge ball. And maybe you still use it, as an adult, for the same reasons you say “da bomb” and “bling” – because the kids use it, and because it gets a laugh.

But it’s not at all funny to people with learning disabilities, and the people who love them. To them, it’s cruel. It hurts.

Today is Spread the Word To End The Word day, sponsored by the Special Olympics. That’s why magazine editor (and mom to a special needs child) Ellen Seidman did a little Twitter project. She set up alerts for tweets that contained the word “retard,” and then messaged them to let them know that the r-word is pretty offensive. She details her experience – both saddening and life-affirming – in a beautifully written post on her blog, Love That Max.

Max’s mom said when you think about texting/tweeting/saying/e-mailing the word, think of Max. I’d like you to think of Mrs. Major, reminding you to think of Max.

Take the challenge to widen your vocabulary and make the world a better place.

A. Major

Large Vocabulary Practitioner


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