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Count Your Calories!

Leadership students just finished a week of examining how many calories were in fast food meals. Here’s an example of calories in a fast food meal at Sonic:

  • Supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger – 1,180
  • Mozzerella sticks – 440
  • Large tater tot – 330
  • Oreo Blast – 1,780
  • Med. coke – 170
  • For a grand total of total 3,900

3,900 calories is more calories than most students need in an entire day, and for some, that number of calories is nearly double.

2nd block Leadership Class has several ideas as to how you can stay healthy.

Be careful with what you eat.

Be aware of how many calories you ingest in your diet each day.

Sonic’s milkshakes can use up half your daily calories, so consume these sparingly.

Mayonaise has a lot of calories. Don’t eat it or use light mayo.

If you go out to eat, just go when it’s a special occasion.

Eat less food so you take in less calories.

If you don’t exercise, you won’t burn off the additional calories you at fast food restaurants.

Do your research before you eat out.

Know how many calories are in the food you eat.

Thanks 2nd Block, and you guys eat healthy!


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