Foley High School Leadership

Life Skills 101, because life can be tough…

Camira Sanders, Outstanding Student and Athlete

My name is Camira Sanders, and I’m a freshman at Foley High School. To occupy my time and keep me busy, I choose to play sports. I play on the Foley JV basketball and softball teams. Ballancing out my school work, maintaining good grades, and excelling on the court and field isn’t as difficult as some people make it out to be.

Camira and members of the girl’s softball team

It’s very easy for me, because while I am an intelligent young lady, I am also a hard worker with a strong desire to succeed. I have a wonderfully supportive mom pushing me and encouraging me to do whatever I set my mind to do. The only time it gets tough is when I have late games. The next day, I’m a little tired and can sometimes almost doze off in class. But after a while I get used to it, and I stay awake so I get a quality education.

Go Foley!

Austin Taylor: “Life in Foley is So Different From Chicago.”

Ms. Paris Love, January Guest Speaker


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