Foley High School Leadership

Life Skills 101, because life can be tough…

Foley High School Leaders in Pictures

We’re always busy around Foley High School. Look around most anywhere, and there are Leadership students doing great things.

Logan Malloy and Sam Pelt helped Mrs. Major write an educational grant for new text books last fall. Thanks to their hard work, we received enough new 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens for four classrooms to have their own copies. Way to go, guys!

And a big thanks to the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce for their generous donation toward educating future leaders. We certainly appreciate your grant.

1st Block Leadership students voted to take a walk around our campus recently and pick up garbage. While Mrs. Major calls this “beautifying our school,” it’s actually picking up yucky garbage, and it’s hard work. In this photograph are the leaders and the hard workers who care about Foley High School.

Mrs. Major is especially proud of those of you that stepped up to the garbage challenge and threw some trash in a bag. You rock!!

In the background, playing for "The King," are Leadership Students.

There are lots of Leadership students participating in the Foley High School Band this year, and they recently participated in their annual Spring Concert.

Wow, Elvis was in the building!

How often does Mrs. Major get to photograph a legend?!

The was the grand finale. Ladies were screaming and fainting…it was a wild night!

A big thanks to Foley High School Assistant Principal Shane Tucker for his time and hard work to perform with the band. He always puts on an incredible show.

Mrs. Major encourages all her students to find a talent and pursue it. Elvis impersonation…a talent just may not get any cooler than that!

Be on the lookout for Leadership students. They are everywhere, doing great things.

A. Major


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