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Zach Gebhart: VP of the Freshman Class

My name is Zach Gebhart. I’m a freshman at Foley High School and I play in the drumline. I love it here. I’ve gone to Foley since kindergarten.

I’m involved in many activities. Band for example, is my favorite. I love music and enjoy all the things we do in band. I play tenors (quads) in the drumline. I’m also in the steel band.

Besides band, I’m in Interact. We do all kinds of fun things to benefit the community. I am the student Vice President of the freshman class. I am a member of FCA (fellowship of Christian athletes).

At my church I am a student leader, and I play guitar and drums for our praise band.  I stay busy all week long, but I enjoy it. Without these things, my life would be boring. Sometimes it gets tough balancing all of it, but eventually it all works out. I highly recommend getting in an extracurricular activity. It gives you something to do besides sit on the couch and watch tv, it lets you meet new people, and they all look good on college applications.


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