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2012 Homecoming: Four Days of Fun in Leadership Class!

It’s Homecoming week and mid-term exams, so we’re busy learning as well having fun. Let’s take a look at some of the costumes that have graced room 904, home of Learned Scholars, this week.

Monday: Nerd Day

Caitlyn, Octavia, the Nerd-Frog Prince, An Elderly Book-Nerd, and Nicole display the fun part of high school education…hangin’ with friends in first block!

Who is brave enough to show the class their costumes? No surprise here!

Three times the Nerd = Three times the fun!

Chase, the Science Fiction Book Club President, and Ryan strike a pose in 2nd block post-fashion show cat walk.

Some say this is a source of inspiration. What’s Snoop Lion Major reading? Stephen King, of course. (Based on the confiscated hat, there should be a “Roll Tide” here I think.)

Tuesday: Dress like Your Favorite Teacher Day

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Anti-Bullying month.

In an effort to stave off any students dressing like Mrs. Major’s work wardrobe, something straight off a Golden Girl’s re-run (Google it, teens), we decided to make shirts in support of Anti-Bullying Month.

Here is 1st Block, decked out to show they are not bullys.

2nd block won the participation award for the most students wearing “Stop Bullying ” shirts.

I estimate that combined with Coach Hunters’s clases and various former students and friends, we had about 50 anti-bullying shirts and over 100 posters in the hallways. Proud of all our Leaders taking a stand to fight injustice.

Bullying stinks- don’t be hatin’!

Wednesday: Hippie/Hipster Day

1st Block rockin’ some tye dye.

1st block Hipsters sport Doc Marteens and skinny jeans.

Nicole, Octavia, and Beionca

Tessa and Blaze throwin’ some peace signs!

Willie and Jacob do some serious thinkin’ about we should make peace, not war.

While Colby muses over itchy hats, Taylor and Mrs. Major battle it out over who has on the best glasses.  2nd block spreads some peace and love, baby!

There is something to be said for getting out of your comfort zone.

Upperclassmen in 904 were not to be left out of the Hippy action. I’m pretty sure Matt Stole my shades.

A. Major says, “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” Peace out, man!

Thursday: Dress like a Celebrity on the Red Carpet Day

Mrs. Major as Lady GaGa: Born This Way! One of my high school pals playfully pointed out that GaGa does not wear fur, thus rendering my costume ineffective. He said I should have donned the meat dress. I countered with the obvious fact that there was no real fur within 20 feet of this jacket, but noted that many plastic bottles had been harmed in making this “Jordache” original.

Check out my 4th block “twin” carlos with that fabulous scarf.

GaGa with 4th block, or what it looks like to think about comma splices and run-on sentences. I should have stolen Matt’s hat.

1st Block: Red Carpet Ready.

How fun that almost half this class wore something as part of Homecoming festivities.

1st Block: Lexus and Cierra strike a celebrity pose. Beautiful!

2nd Block: Cuttin’ up on the Red Carpet

There is something to be said for wearing pajamas to work two days of 5, while Colby wore a sheet to school! I think Chase stole my fur.

More second block: Clarissa and Hadyn looking just marvelous!

Second Block’s Ryan is ready to put out any psychological fires that many crop up in class.  Ryan is dressed as John Travolta, as I am sure you noted the resemblance.

And that’s what high school is all about – having fun with friends, learning new material, and figuring out who we are.

As I mentioned to the Leadership classes, I don’t remember dressing up for anything in high school. Shy, reserved, and not one to draw attention to myself, I just tried to blend in. What a great time I had this week re-living my high school days, only with way more fun and more high fashion.

If I can walk into a high school cafeteria dressed in pajamas, fake fur, and RED lipstick, you can do a little something to get out of your comfort zone. All it takes is some courage.

Here’s a big pat on the back for those who displayed some Leadership skills this week to end bullying and for those that dressed out of character to show some school spirit.

The real GaGa would be proud.

A. Major


2 comments on “2012 Homecoming: Four Days of Fun in Leadership Class!

  1. Katelyn
    May 16, 2013

    Mrs.Major looking like she owns the place lol. Love her! ❤ (:

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