Foley High School Leadership

Life Skills 101, because life can be tough…

A. Major, Life Coach

A,. Major

Welcome to Foley High School Leadership, with your almost-fearless leader, Mrs. Amanda Major.

Leadership is a class designed to give you information that you will take with you into the real world. Working with the text book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens  by author Sean Covey, we will discuss taking responsibility for your life, making good choices, and taking control of your own destiny.

Additional topics Leadership students will research and discuss are illicit drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, nutrition, occupations, stress management, and diversity.

Mrs. Major works hard to bring guest speakers once a week to the Leadership classroom from within Baldwin County. Guest speakers will include representatives from the Foley Police Dept., the Lighthouse, local business owners, and health care providers.

Mrs. Major frequently refers to Leadership as “Life Skillz.” Life can be tough, so get ready…


Amanda Major is southern born and educated.

A 1988 graduate of Fairhope High School, she was in National Honor Society, an Alabama All State Band member, and the designated driver.

Mrs. Major earned undergraduate degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi in English and Philosophy in 1992, a master’s Degree from The University of South Alabama in 1996, and she completed additional graduate level coursework from the University of West Alabama in 2010. Mrs. Major maintained a 4.0 average in all her graduate classes, so she knows of which she speaks when she tells you to study hard.

Mrs. Major has been married to the love of her life, band director and music arranger, Carl Major for almost 20 years. They have three children, Maddy, Carson, and Grayson, that help plan Disney vacations. They have a Katrina rescue dog named Willi Baby and a sugar bear named Mickey Mouse. Life is good.

Mrs. Major’s personal motto?

Make good choices.

As an experiment to get out of her own comfort zone, Mrs. Major started a facebook group called Cheapskate Princess to share some Disney World photography. Today, that group has over 4600 members and her website, called shares Disney photography and information with thousands of people each month. Cheapskate Princess has had 202,000 page views since September of 2012. How cool is that?!  This simple “Leadership”project taught Mrs. Major how to build a website, the very one you are viewing, and the importance of grammar and editing skills.


Mrs. Major is a living example that you never know where life will take you, so you’d better be prepared for anything.


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